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Don’t be a Silly Sausage. Be a Clever Cookie, and protect your Honey Pot.

Updated: Feb 18

Whether you love or hate your job, most people enjoy a little time off work. And, when your annual leave days have dried up for the year, most of us dream of pinching a few extra days away from the 9-5. Until you have to take time off work, that is. Because, whether you’re employed or self employed, unpaid leave loses its appeal fast. Isn’t that right, Silly Sausage?

No one wants to fall ill or find themselves unemployed, but sadly, it happens. See, when we least expect it, life has this strange habit of throwing us a curveball. Sometimes we dodge it, and sometimes it face-plants hard. And whilst we can’t always dodge the unexpected, we can have a plan in place to pick up the crumbs if needed. Planning for the future isn’t brain science, but it might just stop you feeling like a Silly Sausage someday.

So, who needs to protect their Honey Pot?

Most people do. Because if you are earning, and you have monthly expenses to meet, it’s likely that you’ll benefit from Income Protection.

Illness, injury or unemployment are no fun. And when change occurs unexpectedly, we crave stability and routine. Keeping up with our existing lifestyle is important, both to the affected and their family. Because, no matter how big your savings, taking from your Honey Pot never feels nice.

It’s at times like these when Income Protection becomes a safety blanket, and it gets cashed in on regularly too. Almost half of people claim on their Income Protection within the first 4 years of taking out their cover. And, if given the choice, taking from your Insurance Pot or Honey Pot is a no brainer.

But I don’t have a huge Honey Pot, and I’m not a big earner. So what will this cover protect?

Bills, rent and monthly expenses. Children aren't cheap either, and keeping up with your monthly outgoings can be a struggle at the best of times. And if your savings accounts are low, a period of reduced or unpaid leave can be even more worrying.

People in contracted employment are at risk of financial instability, and periods of unemployment. But bills, rent and mortgages still need to be paid. So, with Income Protection, you can receive up to 60% of your regular income, and that buffer can make a big difference when the time comes to tighten your belt.

So, how can I be a Clever Cookie?

By finding the right protection for you. Everyone’s circumstances are different, and there is an Income Protection cover to suit most people. So whether you’re employed or self-employed, or on a low or high income, we’d love to help find the right cover for you.

Get in touch, pop the kettle on, and grab your favourite biscuit. One of our team is ready for a chat when you are :)